CHHSM Members and Friends Ensure Success, Innovation, and Collaboration at Annual Gathering

This year’s 86th Annual Gathering takes place at the Live! By Loews Hotel in St. Louis.

Innovation as the Gateway to Collaboration is the theme of this year’s Annual Gathering, to be held March 12-14 at the Live! by Loews Hotel in St. Louis. Indeed, the Annual Gathering itself is a product of collaboration, thanks to the partners and members who serve as sponsors of the many keynotes, plenaries, meals, workshops, and other meeting opportunities and support services during the event.

“We are so grateful for all of the members and friends of CHHSM who, year after year, help us make each Annual Gathering a special and meaningful event,” said Jamar Doyle, president and CEO of CHHSM. “Their support, collaboration, and ideas help make each Annual Gathering even better than the previous one — and that’s a difficult feat to accomplish!”

For the seventh year running, the Annual Gathering’s presenting platinum sponsor is Ziegler, based in Chicago. Ziegler is a privately held investment bank, capital markets and proprietary investments firm. Specializing in the healthcare, senior living and education sectors, as well as general municipal and structured finance, Ziegler is proud of the positive impact its work has on the communities it serves

This year, Dan Hermann, president and CEO of Ziegler, will open the plenary session on March 13 with a presentation on affiliation and collaboration as the key for struggling older adult communities.

Clockwise from top left: Dan Hermann, the Ref. Dr. Jamesetta Ferguson, Chris Cox, and the Rev. Donna Smith-Pupillo, RN.

The keynote time will include a panel discussion immediately following Hermann’s address. The discussion, on collaboration, features Chris Cox, president and CEO of Hoyleton Youth & Family Services based in Fairview Heights, Ill.; the Rev. Dr. Jamesetta Ferguson president and CEO of MOLO Village and pastor of St. Peter’s UCC in Louisville, Ky.; and the Rev. Donna Smith-Pupillo, RN, executive director of Deaconess Nurse Ministry in St. Louis.

“Ziegler is pleased to be again sponsoring CHHSM’s Annual Gathering,” said Hermann. “CHHSM plays an important role in the not-for-profit senior living and care marketplace in its work with UCC sponsored providers. Today’s market environment presents both challenges and opportunities for growth to serve the rapidly growing aging population. CHHSM’s Annual Gathering, including the educational sessions, is a perfect way to start the year for UCC providers is a shared learning setting. We look forward to seeing everyone there.”

CHHSM is able to offer scholarships in order to encourage first-time attendees and make it possible for people with limited resources to attend. These scholarships are possible thanks to the platinum sponsorship of Retirement Housing Foundation, based in Long Beach, Calif. RHF is a long-time CHHSM member and sponsor of the Annual Gathering.

“RHF has a long history with CHHSM and we take our relationship seriously,” said Chris Ragon, RHF’s vice president of communications. “We believe supporting CHHSM strengthens our bonds with the UCC.”

Another long-time supporter and member of CHHSM, Beatitudes Campus in Phoenix, this year is the gold sponsor of the opening plenary session.

“Beatitudes Campus is pleased to host the opening plenary session of CHHSM’s Gateway to Innovation Annual Gathering,” said Michelle Just, president and CEO of Beatitudes and current board chair of CHHSM. “Innovation is never a solo act and success seldom is achieved alone. By CHHSM members working together, we can propel innovation forward.”

As in years past, Gathering goers will be aided by an event app. This year’s app is made possible by gold sponsor United Church Homes (UCH), headquartered in Marion, Ohio. UCH also will hold a workshop during the Annual Gathering.

“In the spirit of unity and service, United Church Homes is honored to be a gold sponsor at the CHHSM Annual Gathering,” said the Rev. Dr. Ken Daniel, CEO of United Church Homes and Radiant Alliance. “This sponsorship is a testament to our dedication to collaborative efforts that uplift and strengthen communities. We look forward to another year of inspiration and growth as we come together.”

Other gold sponsors include the Pension Boards and UCC Credit Union, and United Church Funds and Cornerstone Fund. All four UCC agencies also are holding workshops.

“The Pension Boards and Generations United Federal Credit Union are pleased to be a sponsor of the CHHSM Annual Gathering’s Opening Dinner,” said John E. Linzey, executive vice president, corporate development and growth of the Pension Boards. “We want to be a valuable partner by assisting the CHHSM membership with advancing their missions into the future.”

Linzey also is president and CEO of Generations United Federal Credit Union, the newest financial ministry of the United Church of Christ. “We are deeply invested in the well-being and security of all who serve the communities touched by CHHSM,” Linzey added, “and at this Annual Gathering, we will build relationships, listen and respond to the aspirations and needs of its employees, and raise awareness about the value of the benefits and services the Pension Boards and the Generations family of companies can provide to all CHHSM members.”

For Maria Coyne, president and CEO of the UCC Cornerstone Fund, the deepening of partnerships is a key benefit to the Annual Gathering. “As always, Cornerstone Fund is pleased to be sponsoring the CHHSM Annual Gathering,” said Coyne. “We are very grateful for our many partnerships with CHHSM agencies, as both investors and borrowers with the Fund. We are also honored to have Jamar Doyle serving on the Cornerstone Fund Board of Directors.”

The Rev. Dr. Charles Buck, president and CEO of United Church Funds (UCF), sees sponsorship as just one of many ways UCF can collaborate with CHHSM. “United Church Funds is honored to be a sponsor of the Annual Gathering and to be a continuing collaborator with CHHSM and its member organizations,” Buck said. “At UCF, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We partner with like-minded investors and the other UCC financial ministries — including Cornerstone Fund — to support the work and mission of our clients in creating a more just world for all.”

Many other activities and meetings within the Annual Gathering also have been made possible by sponsors. Silver sponsors include Archway Communities in Denver and the UCC’s Church Building and Loan Fund (CB&LF).

“Archway is pleased to support CHHSM’s Annual Gathering as this is a great opportunity for us to strengthen connections in the spirit of advancing our work to better serve our communities,” said Sebastian Corradino, CEO. “We are honored to be a part of this event and look forward to collaborating with you all!” Archway was the host of last year’s Annual Gathering in Denver.

The connections between CB&LF and CHHSM organizations are what’s important to the Rev. Dr. Patrick G. Duggan, executive director of CB&LF. “CB&LF is proud to be a sponsor of CHHSM’s Annual Gathering,” Duggan said. “CB&LF enthusiastically supports this work because we are missionally aligned with CHHSM organizations; the hands and feet of the church, doing transformative ministry that provides hope, help, and healing to millions of people across the United States.”

Bronze sponsors for this year’s Annual Gathering include the UCC Insurance Board, Care Purchasing Services, the group purchasing agent for the CHHSM Store, and Embrace Living Communities in Oak Brook, Ill.

Not only has CPS provided goods and services at reasonable prices to CHHSM members, but it also learns and grows from its partnership with CHHSM agencies. “We value our long-standing partnership with CHHSM and appreciate these sponsorship opportunities, said Quinn Adair, CPS client account manager. “CHHSM members have access to our experienced procurement consulting team and negotiated contracts. We appreciate the opportunity to help bring resources and value to members, which we hope further enables CHHSM members to carry out their all-important ministries and missions. We look forward to being together in St. Louis and hearing more about all the exciting things going on across the country.”

Jennifer Perri, assistance vice president of United Church Insurance Services, loves the ongoing partnership between the Insurance Board and CHHSM. “The CHHSM Annual Gathering is an event we look forward to attending and supporting in any way we can,” said Perri. “The exhibitors offer important resources and services which generate opportunities for networking and important conversations with member participants. These relationships really create a wonderful, lasting network of contacts, colleagues, and friendships. Insurance Board looks forward to attending and supporting CHHSM for many years to come and engaging more CHHSM members regarding our risk management and insurance solutions.”

Other sponsors of this year’s Annual Gathering include Cedar Community in West Bend, Wis., Every Child’s Hope in St. Louis, and Hoyleton Child and Family Services in Fairview Heights, Ill.

The Rev. Julie Jennings, vice president of spiritual care and well-being for Cedar Community, looks forward to the meetings and conversations with other CHHSM agencies.

“Cedar Community is once again pleased to sponsor the CHHSM Annual Gathering,” said Jennings. “The collaborative conversation and connections with colleagues supported through CHHSM continues to aid in our own innovations and support our enduring and evolving mission serving adults 55 and better. We look forward to sharing, learning, and imagining new possibilities together in St. Louis!”

Chris Cox, president and CEO of Hoyleton, also sees the partnerships formed with CHHSM and its ministries as invaluable. “Hoyleton is pleased to continue to support CHHSM’s ministry. As a faith-based organization that has been around for 130 years, we understand and appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with others who serve our communities with compassion and care,” Cox said. “Our long and successful history is not a laurel for us to rest upon: we see it as a challenge to continue to find innovative ways to evolve with our client’s changing needs. We believe like-minded partnerships and forward-thinking attitudes will allow us to support more people in more ways than ever before.”

Not only is Doyle thankful for the many sponsors of the Annual Gathering, he also is energized by their commitment to CHHSM. “Our CHHSM members and valued friends make each Annual Gathering a memorable experience,” he said. “But more than that, their collaboration with CHHSM as a whole and with individual ministries continues across the years, helping all of us to build a just, equitable, caring, and compassionate world.”

Learn more about this year’s exciting Annual Gathering! Early-bird registration runs through Jan. 19!

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