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The Council for Health and Human Service Ministries (CHHSM) is a nonprofit association of United Church of Christ-related corporations that operate hundreds of health and human service communities and programs throughout the United States.

Collectively, CHHSM ministries constitute the largest expression of the UCC’s commitment to health and human service mission. More than 5 million people are served by CHHSM members annually.

The membership application process involves completing and submitting a membership application, a certification document, designated additional documents and an application fee of $50 to the CHHSM office in Cleveland, Ohio.

The applicant ministry must be a 501(c)3 organization with an independent governance structure and budget and be related to, or seeking relationship with, the United Church of Christ. Requirements for membership include formal recognition of the ministry applicant by the United Church of Christ Conference in which its corporate headquarters is located. That recognition, an affirmative vote by the CHHSM membership, and payment of dues are required for membership and access to CHHSM’s extensive member benefits.

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