Mission, Vision and Values


Mission, Vision and Values:

The Council for Health and Human Service Ministries (CHHSM) is committed to:

Our Mission—Advancing the work of all health and human service ministries of the United Church of Christ in creating a just, caring and compassionate world.

Our Vision—Together, we create a just, caring and compassionate world.

Our Values—We live out our “Unshakable” Beliefs every day through our ministries:

Value Propositions:

Bold Vision: CHHSM supports member organizations’ transformation of the world through healing and mission ministries to make the world as right as God intends it to be.

Inspired Leaders: Through programs, resources and collaboration, CHHSM supports the leadership and staff of its member organizations who are called to live out a bold vision for change and innovation resulting in a just, caring and compassionate world.

Shared Values:  United by a covenantal relationship with the Church and its member UCC health and human service ministries, our values are aligned and guide our actions, decisions and work.

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