Our Bold Vision

CHHSM President and CEO Michael J. Readinger greets delegates to General Synod.

Together, we create a just, caring and compassionate world.

To this end, the United Church of Christ’s Council for Health and Human Service Ministries is committed to being:

  • A nationally recognized leader in denomination-affiliated health and human services ministries.
  • An interactive network of leaders who collaborate, innovate and develop programs noted for integrity, quality, compassion and social transformation.
  • The resource of choice for United Church of Christ-affiliated organizations that would benefit from the leadership development and wide-ranging resources and collaboration CHHSM offers.
  • A strong advocate for a just, caring, and compassionate world, particularly in terms of health and human service policies and practice.
  • A trusted, safe, inclusive place that hosts ecumenical, interfaith and global organizations and leaders who share a passion for transforming health and human services.
  • A collective that leverages the sum of its members, so that each member benefits from being part of one of the largest health and human service ministries in the U.S.
  • The bridge between its members and the national church setting, transferring knowledge, capacity and resources, and using members’ skills to further the church’s mission.
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