Nollau Leadership Institute

Diakonal Minister Community

The Diakonal Minister Community represents the alumni network of the Nollau Leadership Institute and its two predecessor programs, the Transformational Leadership Program and the Faith-Based Leadership Institute. At the CHHSM Annual Gathering, the members of the current Nollau class are consecrated as Diakonal Ministers in the United Church of Christ. Since 1996, more than 250 leaders have received this designation and have come from many different walks of life and spiritual backgrounds.

The word ‘diakonal’ comes from the Greek diakonos, meaning ‘servant,’ and is the origin of the more commonly known word ‘deacon.’ Many CHHSM organizations began as part of the Deaconess Movement from the late nineteenth century, whose ministry focused on health and human services, and so the name reflects CHHSM’s faith-based connection and field of work.

Yet a root of the word diakonal also means ‘to set oneself in motion.’ Thus, this community is a web of support for the work that continues after graduation is over. As leaders who share a common experience through Nollau, alumni find kindred spirits who encourage and hold each other accountable as they connect professional excellence with spiritual purpose. The Diakonal Ministers connect at the CHHSM Annual Gathering, with their own alumni cohort, and on social media.

Virtual sessions will be offered for Diakonal Ministers throughout the year to connect, recharge, and reflect. These meetings are a way to build community, provide self-care, network, and hone leadership skills

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