Updated ‘Passport To Travel’ Program Provides Affordable Travel for Residents of Participating CHHSM Older Adult Communities

Piedmont Crossing, part of EveryAge, in Thomasville, N.C., is one of the CHHSM members ready to welcome Passport To Travel visitors.

The United States is filled with many awe-inspiring sites, from such human-made wonders as the St. Louis Arch and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West in Arizona, to the natural beauty found in all 50 U.S. states. For residents of 16 CHHSM member older adult communities, the opportunity to visit these various locales has an added bonus: the re-launch of CHHSM’s recently-updated Passport to Travel program.

A first-of-its-kind travel program designed by CHHSM and its member communities, Passport To Travel allows residents at participating agencies to lodge free of charge at a sister community of their choice for up to two weeks.

Ruesch has visited Beatitudes Campus three times (so far).

Passport To Travel is “a great opportunity to travel, meet people, and learn more about other retirement communities,” said Keith Ruesch, an independent living resident of Cedar Community in West Bend, Wis. Ruesch has taken advantage of Passport several times, including stays at The Willows at Brooking Park (Chesterfield, Mo.) — part of St. Andrews Resources for Seniors — in 2020, and Beatitudes Campus in Phoenix in 2022, 2023, and 2024. 

“The Passport to Travel program is a wonderful perk for our residents!” said Carrie Sturn, Cedar Community’s senior marketing director. “Not only does it provide them with the chance to explore different senior living environments, but it also fosters a sense of community, adventure, and new experiences. Saving money on accommodations is a bonus, enabling residents to stretch their travel budgets further and enjoy even more destinations.”

Tower Grove Manor (part of St. Andrews Resources for Seniors) in St. Louis awaits Passport visitors.

In addition using the destination community as a home base for visiting area attractions, all Passport To Travel members also have access, for nominal fees, to the amenities offered by the community, which can include fitness centers, on-campus restaurants and bistros, classes, walking trails, and more. CHHSM visitor stays provide ample opportunity to become familiar with other CHHSM communities, and for getting to know the residents in those communities. 

“I am delighted to see the re-launch of CHHSM’s Passport to Travel program,” said Michelle Just, president and CEO of Beatitudes Campus in Phoenix. “It’s a gateway for residents of member communities to experience our unique organizations and cultures. It creates a special connectivity among older adults nationwide. And, for Beatitudes Campus, we love meeting each new visitor, and our returning visitors are cherished like family.”

Current Passport To Travel participating communities include:

  • Beatitudes Campus, Phoenix
  • Brecon Village (EHM Senior Solutions), Saline, Mich.
  • Cedar Community/Cedar Ridge Campus, West Bend Wis.
  • EveryAge Communities
    • Abernethy Laurels, Newton, N.C.
    • Lake Prince Woods, Suffolk, Va.
    • Piedmont Crossing, Thomasville, N.C.
  • Fairhaven Senior Services, Whitewater, Wis.
  • Havenwood Heritage Heights, Concord, N.H.
  • Plymouth Place, LaGrange Park, Ill.
  • St. Andrews Resources for Seniors
    • Cape Albeon, Valley Park, Mo.Tower Grove Manor, St. Louis
    • The Willows at Brooking Park, Chesterfield, Mo.
  • United Church Homes
    • Glenwood Community, Marietta, Ohio
    • Polaris Community, Columbus, Ohio
    • Trinity Community, Beavercreek, Ohio
  • Uplands Village, Pleasant Hill, Tenn.

Lee Syria, president and CEO of EveryAge Communities, based in Newton, N.C., appreciates the benefits of the program for both residents and participating CHHSM members.

Abernethy Laurels in Newton, N.C., residents include furry family members.

“Our residents who regularly use Passport To Travel have built lasting friendships with team members from hosting communities,” Syria said. “While travel to new locations is a key element of the program, Passport To Travel also encourages our residents to enjoy a lifestyle that encourages exploration. From our perspective as a member community, the program is a value-added benefit for our residents and is a powerful market differentiator. We take great pleasure in knowing that the host community will look out for our residents during their stay, make sure the accommodations meet their needs, and provide a fun, meaningful experience.”

The Passport To Travel section of the CHHSM website includes the program brochure, plus individual flyers for each location. Each flyer includes information about on-site amenities and area attractions, plus contact information to assist residents in planning and the community’s web URL. Participating communities also have printed copies of the program brochure for residents. Interested travelers should talk to their community’s contact person to get started. The new Passport to Travel brochure and flyers were completed thanks to Cynthia Frohmader, Cedar Community’s art director, who designed the brochure and the template for the flyers.

The updated materials “have created a new buzz and excitement for the program,” said Kelly Robertson, director of corporate marketing and communications for EHM Senior Solutions.

“Passport to Travel is a wonderful program that enables residents of participating communities to affordably visit new places, and also get to know the some of the residents and staff of the destination CHHSM community,” said Jamar Doyle, president and CEO of CHHSM. “Not only that, it allows the participating communities to showcase their campuses and amenities, and foster both new friendships and new partnerships.”

Learn more about Passport To Travel, including the program brochure and the individual communities’ flyers.

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