Charitable Care by UCC-Related Health Providers Jumps 18 Percent in 2016, Exceeds $857 Million


The United Church of Christ’s nearly 400 health and human service ministries provided more than $857 million in uncompensated, charitable care in 2016, an increase of nearly 18 percent in one year. The jump represents one of the largest single-year increases in decades, according to statistics collected by the UCC’s Council for Health and Human […]

Music Rekindles Memories at Cedar Community


For Barbara Fedderly, music produces an awakening. When she listens to her iPod, the resident of Cedar Community in West Bend, Wisconsin, is suddenly animated. “She will hold her shoulders and sometimes smile,” Norman Fedderly says of his wife’s reaction to the music. Barbara is one of 19 current Cedar Community residents enrolled in the […]