Ignorance is not Bliss and Silence is not Golden

Edith A. Guffey

Edith A. Guffey is Conference Minister of the UCC’s Kansas-Oklahoma Conference. Prior to serving the conference, Guffey was Secretary (1991-2000) and Associate General Minister (2000-2011) of the United Church of Christ. Recently, she shared these thoughts via the conference’s e-blast. We reprint them here with permission: I was going to just let it go; after […]

A Religion of the Heart and the Hands

The Rev. John H. Thomas

The Rev. John H. Thomas, former UCC general minister and president and retired Chicago Theological Seminary faculty member, recently lifted up the work of UCC predecessors  — now part of CHHSM — during a sermon on Luke 24:13-16,28-31 at Epiphany UCC in Chicago. These are his words, reprinted with permission: The women and men who […]

Fund Raising and Supporter Relations: Asian Rural Institute

AR_00_Cover Front ENG

Fund Raising and Supporter Relations Type of Work  Fund-Raising and Supporter Relations: Fund-Raising (30 million yen annually), Supporter Assistance (approx. 2,000 people), Management of Data Base (around 6,000 data), etc. Plan and Manage the Domestic Programs: Expanding supporter network, managing projects for publicity events, visiting organizations and individuals, etc. Public Relations: Drawing up applications and […]

Plans to Action

David Waltemeyer

By David Waltemeyer, Chair, CHHSM Board It says in James 1 to be doers of the word and not hearers only. Conversely, when questioned by the religious leaders of his day, Jesus himself replied that the two greatest commandments, if followed, would fulfill all the commandments: we are to love God and we are to […]