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Forming Leaders

Nollau Institute

If you are curious about a different way of leading, CHHSM invites you to consider the Nollau Institute — a yearlong process of formation. Learn More »

Celebrating Heritage

Passport to Travel

A first-of-its-kind travel program that allows residents at eight CHHSM-related senior living organizations to lodge free of charge at a sister community of their choice. Learn More »

Resourcing Ministries

Resource Library

CHHSM is here to help you discover or develop the resources to better serve your community. To do this, we provide our members with two things — know-how and networks. Learn More »

Recent News

CHHSM Welcomes Two New Members

CHHSM Welcomes Two New Members

CHHSM warmly welcomed two new members during its 79th annual meeting in March: Joint Neighborhood Ministry in St. Louis, Missouri, and The Franklinton Center at Bricks in Whitakers, North Carolina. Read More »

CHHSM Digging More Deeply With UCC Disaster Ministries

CHHSM Digging More Deeply With UCC Disaster Ministries

A new partnership is emerging between the United Church of Christ’s 400 health and human service organizations and UCC Disaster Ministries, in hopes of broadening the UCC’s preparedness, response and long-term recovery whenever and wherever disasters happen.   Read More »

"A servant leader is most passionate about the people with whom they serve and cultivates an environment that empowers and inspires individuals to play a significant role in the enhancement of an organization’s mission and the greater community."


Michelle Just
President and CEO, Beatitudes Campus, Phoenix, Ariz.

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