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With New Health Care Center, Community Celebrates Legacy, Embraces Future

March 12, 2015

Al Hennig lived in a residential cottage at Eden Hill Communities for almost 25 years. But the 89-year-old transitioned into assisted living in January after falling several times last year.

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Pilgrim Place Celebrates the Last Century, Anticipates the Next

February 9, 2015

A centennial is a good time to commemorate an organization’s history. But Pilgrim Place in Claremont, California, is not only celebrating its achievements but also planning for its next 100 years.

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Servant Leader


"To me being a servant leader means helping people find affordable housing, services and health care so they have a good life in body, mind and spirit."

The Rev. Dr. Laverne Joseph

CHHSM Board of Directors Member
President and CEO, Retirement Housing Foundation
Long Beach, California

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From the President

Now What?

A few years ago, I went on a group vacation to Mexico. We stayed in a settled area, but the casa we rented was staffed by locals who spoke absolutely no English. We all spoke a little Spanish (some studied it years ago, others used language course CDs), but only one of us was fluent enough to communicate effectively.

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Our Shared History

Nollau: A History of Service That Thrives Today

Louis Edward Nollau personified the adage “bloom where you’re planted” even though where he was planted, at the time, looked like a failed ministry opportunity.

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