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Forming Leaders

Nollau Institute

If you are curious about a different way of leading, CHHSM invites you to consider the Nollau Institute — a yearlong process of formation. Learn More »

Celebrating Heritage

Passport to Travel

A first-of-its-kind travel program that allows residents at eight CHHSM-related senior living organizations to lodge free of charge at a sister community of their choice. Learn More »

Resourcing Ministries

Resource Library

CHHSM is here to help you discover or develop the resources to better serve your community. To do this, we provide our members with two things — know-how and networks. Learn More »

Recent News

New Directions: CHHSM Unveils New Mission, Vision and Values

New Directions: CHHSM Unveils New Mission, Vision and Values

It's been more than 20 years since CHHSM has taken a deep look at its organizational purpose, but after 18 months of missional introspection, CHHSM's Board of Directors has finalized new Mission, Vision and Values statements that will shape the association's work for years to come. Read More »

"Servant leadership is seeing with your heart. A servant leader acknowledges that leadership is defined by the conscious ability to meet the desires and needs of others, taking the time to listen and to see, and then serving through daily actions."


Denise B. Rabidoux
President/CEO; EHM Senior Solutions, Detroit, Michigan

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