United Church Funds Offers Planned Giving Webinars

United Church Funds is developing a “Planned Giving 101” webinar series to introduce various aspects of planned giving to UCC members and agencies.

The most recent webinar “Five Steps to a Successful Planned Giving Program” was released this week. It follows the successful “Why Your Church Needs a Planned Giving Program.” The series is available online.

The videos are being produced as part of an ongoing webinar series, says Don Hill of Don Hill Consulting, who is collaborating on the series with Howard Hawkins, United Church Funds’ director of business development. “We are still discussing what future installments will be. We will be doing one on Charitable Gift Annuities, and there will be at least one on faith and giving.”

According to Debbie Wibowo, United Church Funds’ marketing and communications associate, the next video in the series, on planned giving and technology, will be distributed the week of Oct. 25. Wibowo says interaction with viewers is of paramount importance. “In these webinars, we encourage viewers to send suggestions and questions to marketing@ucfunds.org,” says Wibowo. “We will share answers to the questions submitted in an FAQ format for future reference.”

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