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United Church of Christ’s Embrace Living Communities responds to ‘3 Great Loves’ initiative

By CHHSM-Member Ministry Contribution | June 16, 2017
Susan Sinderson

After CHHSM Vice President and CEO Michael J. Readinger’s column on the UCC’s “3 Great Loves” initiative, Susan Sinderson, executive vice president of the United Church of Christ’s Embrace Living Communities, responded with this article: Rev. John Dorhauer has invited us as a Health and Human services ministry as part of the UCC to respond…

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Capitol Hill rally to Include UCC Groups Committed to Safeguarding Affordable Housing

By Barb Powell | June 12, 2017

Leaders of United Church of Christ-related health and human service ministries will be stepping out for affordable senior housing June 27 at a “Save HUD 202” rally on Capitol Hill. They will be joining LeadingAge, an association representing nonprofit aging services providers, and others to regain and expand the HUD Section 202 Housing for the…

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Unified presence at Synod to bolster CHHSM-member ministries’ visibility

By Barb Powell | June 10, 2017

The United Church of Christ’s Council for Health and Human Service Ministries will elevate its visibility in the exhibit hall of the denomination’s General Synod this summer in Baltimore, Md., through two unique approaches: a 12-table exhibit area for member ministries and subsequent unified approach to reaching out to attendees. The CHHSM Exhibit Hall space…

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A Ziegler Profile of Faith-Based Heritage in Senior Living

By CHHSM-Member Ministry Contribution | May 25, 2017

Reprinted from Ziegler Financial Services, a CHHSM partner.  Written by Lisa McCracken, director of Senior Living Research and Development  Ziegler has received several inquiries lately regarding faith-based senior living and we thought it was timely to issue an updated Z-News article on the topic. We are coming off of the spring conference season whereby many…

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No Cuts to Affordable Housing: UCC’s CHHSM Execs Take Advocacy Fight to Congress

By Barb Powell | April 7, 2017

Aging brings change, but not all of it is rosy. A crisis for the ever-increasing, diverse population of senior citizens exists in the United States: a shortage of affordable housing. According to a 2014 report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University, 10,000 people turn 65 each day. By 2035, low-income seniors may…

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Consecra Embraces Re-Branding Journey to Become ‘Embrace Living Communities’

By CHHSM Staff | February 2, 2017
Embrace Living Communities Logo Affordable. Welcoming. Home.

A new brand, 120 years in the making. How do you say it?  How do you spell it?  What does it mean? These are just some of the questions that Susan Sinderson and the rest of her team heard regularly from almost everyone when they said the name of their organization – Consecra.  This ongoing…

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Consecra Housing Network Adding Four New Communities in Rockford, Ill., Area

By CHHSM Staff | December 13, 2016

Consecra Housing Network, based in Oak Brook, Ill., has added four new residential communities to its affordable housing portfolio, effective December 1. All four of the communities, totaling 233 units and located within the Rockford, Ill., area, are designed to serve persons at least 62 years old and older. Ownership of the communities was transferred…

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CHHSM Members Help Each Other Through Transformation

By CHHSM Staff | May 12, 2016

Since its 1895 founding under the German name Deutscher Evangelichen Waisenhaus und Ulteinheim-Verein von Nord, Consecra Housing Network has seen many identity changes. Through the Oak Brook, Illinois-based affordable housing organization’s current rebranding process, Executive Vice President Susan Sinderson hopes to find an identity with lasting power. “What we’re looking for is a name and…

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CHHSM Members Lead Effort to Go Green

By CHHSM Staff | April 15, 2016

Three years ago, California saw some of its driest days. As lake beds sat empty, animals faced endangerment and water supply dwindled, residents at Pilgrim Place in Claremont, California, took action. “Our driving force is the commitment of residents to live more sustainably with greater environmental consciousness and lower carbon impact because of our shared…

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