Serving Children Together at Every Child’s Hope

From left: Stacey Lovelace and Jill Randall are partnering together to help CHHSM-member ministry Every Child’s Hope.

Starting in April, Faith Community Nurses Jill Randall, R.N., and Stacey Lovelace began new ventures in their careers by working with children and teenagers at Every Child’s Hope (ECH).

Their work began when Deaconess Nurse Ministry (DNM) developed a partnership with ECH, a nonprofit caring ministry for more than 1,000 vulnerable children throughout Missouri, to fulfill an important caregiver need for multiple ECH programs. Both ministries are part of the United Church of Christ’s Council for Health and Human Service Ministries. DNM was an ideal partner because of their dedication and belief in the holistic care of individuals, young and old — a philosophy very present at ECH.

Jill and Stacey were great nursing candidates to meet the need as well.

“Jill has a behavioral health background working in psych, and Stacey has done clinic work — the combination is great for the skills and knowledge needed,” said the Rev. Donna Smith-Pupillo, Deaconess Nurse Ministry executive director.

Together, Jill and Stacey work alongside ECH’s social and clinical staff to help children and teenagers successfully transition out of their respective program.

“Everyone at ECH is truly hands-on. We want to see children be independent and take a step further towards being successful for the long-term,” said Randall.

Jill and Stacey are a perfect team, and they are incredibly happy to have the opportunity with ECH. Stay tuned for updates as their work evolves in the coming months.

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