Promises for a New Year

Michael J. Readinger

Michael J. Readinger

Now is the time to envision the road ahead. As the New Year begins, we are mapping goals, making resolutions and planning for the future.

In that spirit, here are CHHSM’s promises for the coming year:

  • The mission of our shared faith-based ministry will be at the forefront of all our work. The United Church of Christ’s core values of Extravagant Welcome, Continuing Testament and Changing Lives are what we do every day – manifested in our “care values.”
  • The value proposition for our membership will be the guiding light for our programs, services and communications. Look for the soft roll out of this definitive work early in 2016 with a formal launch at the CHHSM Annual Meeting in March.
  • Our institutional integrity and the stewardship of the resources we have as a result of your continued support are the pillars of our sustainability and our engagement with the wider church. We will continue to safeguard these assets and utilize them to meet our prophetic call.
  • The CHHSM board’s sound governance practices will continue to provide opportunities for growth, solid fiduciary control, and exciting new strategic initiatives that provide member value. Our generative and provocative times of exploration continue to provide new ways of being the church.
  • Our annual meeting and affinity group gatherings will offer expanded and more intentional networking, educational opportunities, and sharing of best practices that are not found in other association settings. Look to these times of sharing for the “why” we do ministry.
  • Leadership formation enhancements for future Nollau Institute classes and the Rev. Jerry W. Paul CHHSM Scholar program will provide a foundation for establishing the next generation of faith-based leaders.
  • The legacy we have established in our educational programs will be the basis for a new way of teaching and learning.
  • Our commitment to increased wider church engagement will continue as we look for more ways to integrate the work of our health and human service ministries into the everyday life and culture of our denomination as well as that of our faith partners. The possibilities for expanding our outreach are limited only by our lack of imagination.
  • The CHHSM staff will continue to develop and grow professionally, personally and spiritually to provide support to our member ministries and all we encounter.

We will strive to exceed all of our individual and collective goals as we frame our work in the years ahead. We are inspired by the spirit to serve as leaders in our passion-driven movement of Diakonie. I encourage you to hold us accountable for these promises and join us as we work toward CHHSM’s bright future.

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