Be A Voice

Council for Health and Human Services, UCC

With each new class of the Nollau Leadership Institute, we focus on empowering members of the class to “Be A Voice” — for their vocation and call, for their ministry setting, for their family, for their friends, and for those they serve. They gain the skills and confidence necessary to do this by writing and […]

Serving Leadership

Michael J. Readinger

In our work with the Nollau Leadership Institute we focus on the tenets of the CHHSM value proposition: Bold Vision, Shared Values and Inspired Leaders. It is done in a subtle way as we use the curriculum in the three retreats to help shape the current and future leaders of our member ministries. This year’s […]

Three Great Loves

Michael J. Readinger

If you are wondering about the name of this column, I assure you that it is intentional. Yes, we have been talking about the 3 Great Loves for more than two years now. And, I am happy to say, the United Church of Christ has committed to continuing with this initiative for the next biennium! […]

Year-End Reflection

Michael J. Readinger

As 2018 draws to a close, I am ruminating on the year that has passed and what it tells me about the year ahead. Much like Advent, this is a time of waiting and watching for the CHHSM Board and Staff.  And, of course, for our member ministries as well! The month of December began […]

Looking Ahead

Michael J. Readinger

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn! It’s a bit ironic to me when I hear people talk about the pace of work slowing down during the summer months. All this talk about the family vacations before school starts again, the sports leagues for the kids, the recreational activities for clients and residents, the outdoor festivals, concerts, professional […]

Ministry in Action

Michael J. Readinger

In this issue of Diakonie, the CHHSM Board and Staff are pleased to present “Ministry in Action,” the 2017 Annual Report of the Council for Health and Human Service Ministries, United Church of Christ.  I hope that you will read it with care so that you can enjoy the stories of the hands and feet […]

Creating a Movement

Michael J. Readinger

There is a season, turn, turn, turn. — Pete Seeger It looks like summer is finally here in the Midwest. May days will soon lead to June, July and August. As I am writing this, we have an upper 80-degree day with sunny skies! For some odd reason, Peter Seeger’s lyrics from The Byrds’ 1965 […]