Ministry in Action

Michael J. Readinger

Michael J. Readinger

In this issue of Diakonie, the CHHSM Board and Staff are pleased to present “Ministry in Action,” the 2017 Annual Report of the Council for Health and Human Service Ministries, United Church of Christ.  I hope that you will read it with care so that you can enjoy the stories of the hands and feet of the Church, and the impact of our UCC related health and human service organizations as they deliver true ministry to those they serve.

I wish there was a way we could make this annual report required reading for our local, state and nationally elected officials as they are considering new legislation and deliberations about filling vacant judiciary seats. It would be a useful resource as they think about creating a just, caring and compassionate world for all. That is a world which ignores party politics and focuses on the needs of the constituents they are called to serve. That is a world where advocacy is not about listening to lobbyists or telling people what is best for them. That is a world that is focused on the UCC’s Three Great Loves initiative: Love of Neighbor, Love of Children and Love of Creation. A world where grace, compassion and servant leadership are valued more than anything else.

CHHSM member organizations across the USA work every day to create the world described above. They are helping to shape, define and transform health and human service ministry all the time. They are leading by example as they engage with all types of leaders to refine policies, procedures and legislation that make this world a better place.

The CHHSM Staff and Board did not write this 2017 Annual Report — it was written by the member organizations that fight every day for the rights of those they serve! We observed what they did, we read their stories and we listened to their messages of compassion, care and justice. That is what “Ministry in Action” really is: it is the real- life embodiment of mission, vision and values as service.

Unfortunately, it will be mostly membership and our thousands of friends and family who read this report. It’s like preaching to the choir. Perhaps we can all share this report (and the many annual reports of our members) with those who legislate, appoint, decree and advocate as a resource designed to ask them what they will do to join us in creating a just, caring and compassionate world.

Learn more about the 2017 Annual Report.

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