Methodist Health & Welfare Ministries to Hold Violence Prevention Training in St. Louis

The United Methodist Association of Health & Welfare Ministries is holding a “Workplace Violence and Prevention Training” seminar Oct. 18, 2017, at Salem United Methodist Church, Lindbergh Blvd. in St. Louis, Mo.

The threat of a hostile, armed active shooter on or near your campus is a real, documented threat to staff, patients, residents, visitors, vendors, and physicians. Whether it’s a group home, long-term care, residential facility, hospital or physician’s office, every facility needs a well-written policy that prescribes steps to be taken to maximize the chances of survivability for everyone in the facility. In addition, employees need to receive realistic training that combines cognitive awareness with practical skills.

The SWA Active Shooter/Armed Intruder survival program meets those needs. Developed by a team of law enforcement/SWAT officers and healthcare security professionals, this “one of its kind” training program looks at the active shooter in healthcare environments, and the unique challenges it presents that are not found in any other industry.

The presentation will be made by Steve Wilder, COO of Sorensen, Wilder and Associates, a for profit corporation that exists to assist clients companies in finding solutions to their safety and security management challenges in a manner that is most cost effective, legal, ethical, and realistic.

Tickets are between $250 and $300. Learn more.


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