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Michael J. Readinger

Michael J. Readinger

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

It’s a bit ironic to me when I hear people talk about the pace of work slowing down during the summer months. All this talk about the family vacations before school starts again, the sports leagues for the kids, the recreational activities for clients and residents, the outdoor festivals, concerts, professional sports games, picnic and pool time, long walks on the beach ….

Well, that has not been the case here at CHHSM! Here’s what has been simmering all summer in the pot and will soon be served up in the fall to continue the vision of creating a just, caring and compassionate world for all:

  • Our search to replace Danielle Bartz as Associate for Advocacy and Leadership Development is proceeding nicely. 100 applicants from all over the USA have submitted their credentials. It has been a fun and uplifting experience to read about and talk to so many highly qualified people. I hope to have more news by the October Diakonie.
  • Mary Paxton and the Governance and Member Engagement Committee have made progress towards the Annual Gatherings for 2019 and 2020. The program and schedule are starting to come together for next March in Chicago and the search for a locale in 2020 is sure to yield some smiling faces (no further hints at this time!).
  • A lot is happening on the governance side as the Staff and Board are gearing up for the November Board meeting in Cleveland. This is a big meeting for CHHSM as we approve our 2019 budget, evaluate our progress on the Strategic Priorities, perform the president & CEO’s annual evaluation and prepare for the New Year.
  • I am also pleased to announce some exciting news about our membership platform. The Board has approved exploration of creating a class of individual memberships so that we can increase the engagement of the health and human service ministries to the wider church. We hope to launch this initiative at the 2019 CHHSM Annual Gathering.
  • Finally, a robust partnership of CHHSM member ministries and the CHHSM Board has become the 32nd General Synod UCC Presenting Sponsor. This level of financial support to the UCC’s biennial gathering (in Milwaukee, Wis., from June 21-25, 2019) will create numerous opportunities for us to showcase our member ministries as the hands and feet of the Church in fulfilling the Three Great Loves initiative of the UCC. Gratitude for the generosity of CHHSM’s Board, Advocate Aurora Healthcare, Retirement Housing Foundation, United Church Homes, Embrace Living Communities, Wisconsin CHHSM, United Church Homes and Services, Havenwood–Heritage Heights, Back Bay Mission, EHM Senior Solutions, Elon Homes and Schools for Children, Cedar Community, Crossroad, Fairhaven Senior Services, Park’s Edge Preschool, and Emmaus Homes.

So farewell to summer and welcome to autumn and all the shared ministry yet to come!

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