Defining Our Movement

Michael J. Readinger

Michael J. Readinger

Bold vision. Inspired leaders. Shared values.

According to the newly defined membership value proposition, these six words are how you see CHHSM fulfilling its mission of advancing and sustaining the work of healing and service as a ministry of the church.

Bold vision is the prophetic voice of our member ministries as they live out the core values of the UCC and their commitments to social action.

Inspired leaders continuously transform themselves and the way they listen, learn, share best practices and act as servant leaders.

Shared values are essential elements of our common faith-based heritage and explain why we continue to operate as mission-driven ministries in this increasingly secular society.

But what do these words actually mean?

These words tell us to come together as often as possible. We do this at our annual meeting and our affinity group gatherings around the country. We do this when we’re called upon for help or support by our peers. We take time away from the office, travel away from home and engage with each other. We do this because we know that the more we connect and network with each other, the better we will be as leaders.

These words tell us to continue to develop ourselves, our team members, our volunteers and those we serve. We do this when we participate in the Nollau Institute leadership formation program, or when we support the Legacy Fund, which has already provided scholarships and ministry support of nearly $60,000. We do it when we support the Rev. Jerry W. Paul CHHSM Scholar program. We do this because we know that a big part of our long-term sustainability is the cultivation of our future leaders – not only at our member ministries but in the wider church.

These words tell us to remain adaptable and to always seek new paths to fulfill our missions. We do this when we express the core values of the United Church of Christ through service. We provide extravagant welcome, continuing testament and life-changing experiences every day. Remaining faithful to the faith-based heritage and the mission of ministry is what sets us apart.

What do these words tell you? What are you willing to tell others about our shared faith-based ministry and the future that awaits us as we come together in faith and healing?

The CHHSM value proposition calls you to be inspired leaders with a bold vision of shared values. Make that a part of your promise to servant leadership every day and you will be at the forefront of this passion-driven movement we call CHHSM.

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