Collective Wisdom

Michael J. Readinger

Michael J. Readinger

Recently I was wrestling over a complicated work issue and was feeling lost. There are so many variables around CHHSM’s value proposition process, staffing, finances and strategic planning that I just felt stuck.

It all came together when one person casually asked me what I was working on that was bothering me. That conversation led to a series of others with a group of colleagues who questioned, challenged, encouraged and enlightened me. In the end, I forged a bold and innovative answer to my dilemma as a result of the insights I gained, the information I processed and the courage I felt because of the advice of the group.

I consider it a blessing to pull from the collective wisdom of peers, colleagues, friends and the CHHSM family. Advice and counsel often contradicts my preliminary thoughts, occasionally supports my ideas and graciously offers a new perspective. Sometimes this wisdom comes from unexpected persons and places. The important thing is to trust in others, in yourself and in God that the path traveled with others will be an uplifting journey of servant leadership.

Sharing with others leads to all types of collective wisdom. There is practical wisdom that guides the most basic decision-making for our work. There is an intellectual wisdom that shapes the way we think strategically and process information. And there is the wisdom which develops the emotional intelligence we rely on to frame our interactions with others.

Through CHHSM we are blessed with a network of like-minded, faith-based peers that are a natural breeding ground for collective wisdom. This network is one of the intangible benefits of membership that can add value to your work and your life. Please take the time to talk to your CHHSM peers in our community of practice. The results will be inspirational, supportive and challenging. Reaching out to you and responding to your requests has made me a better person, a better Christian and a better leader.

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