CHHSM Store Partner Creates Pharmacy Rebates Program for Skilled Nursing Communities

An innovative pharmacy rebate program is now available to CHHSM members, thanks to the CHHSM Store’s partnership with Care Purchasing Services (CPS). Based in Delray Beach, Fla., CPS is the leading national group purchasing organization dedicated to senior communities. It is joining with Empirian Health, headquartered in Montgomery, Ala., in this program to offset pharmacy costs.

“The program is available for skilled nursing communities using Managed Care and Medicare for brand name drugs,” says Natalia Hernandez, CPS client account manager for CHHSM. “There is no up-front cost to join the program, and 49 percent of the rebate comes back directly to the community to offset its pharmacy costs.”

Empirian, a full-service pharmacy benefits administrator, set up the rebate program to work seamlessly with communities’ existing pharmacy agreements. It uses an organization’s current pharmacy program for rebate filing, and rebates are paid out on a quarterly basis, Hernandez says.

“This pharmacy rebate program is just one more way CHHSM members can reap the benefits of the CHHSM Store,” says Michael J. Readinger, president and CEO of CHHSM. “Pharmacy expenses comprise such a significant portion of so many skilled nursing community budgets. This free plan can help those communities save significant dollars — which then can be used for other community needs.”

The rebate program includes all forms of prescriptions: intravenous, oral, injectable, and topical medications. Because it has been and continues to be rigorously vetted, the rebate program also assists skilled nursing communities with remaining compliant.

As with all needs CPS assists communities with via the CHHSM Store, CHHSM members should contact Hernandez for more information or to set up program participation.







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