Cedar Community Resident has a Passion for Life

Edith Schultz displays some of her many gold medals

Edith Schultz’s love for swimming began when she was just 10 years old, when she taught herself how to swim. In fact, the number one reason she chose to move to Cedar Community’s independent living apartments was because of the heated, indoor swimming pool. The first independent living facility she visited advertised a pool, and during her tour she found out it was a pool table!

Edith swims at least two to three times a week and enjoys every minute of it. “It’s what keeps me young!” she says.

A young 94, Edith believes in staying active. “I encourage my friends and other residents to use the pool to stay active and healthy,” she adds.

She has participated in the Senior Olympics, swimming the breast, back, and side strokes for 10 years, and has 29 gold medals to highlight her accomplishments. “That’s more medals than Michael Phelps,” jokes Edith.

She has proudly shared her medals with her grandchildren, children and many friends, along with some words of encouragement — “always do your very best.” In April, Edith was inducted into the Wisconsin Senior Olympics Hall of Fame.

Edith went skydiving last spring.

When Edith heard about President George H.W. Bush skydiving at 90 years old, she decided it was something she wanted to experience.

“I was talking to my son about it at Christmas time, and mentioned how I would really like to go skydiving. When he sent me a check for Christmas, it was double the usual amount. When I asked why, he said, ‘So you can go skydiving.’”

Edith made the jump in June in East Troy, Wis., with the Sky Knights skydiving club. Several friends were there to support her adventures.

“It was great to be a little closer to the Lord for a few minutes and float like an angel,” says Edith.

Cedar Community is a CHHSM-member ministry in Wisconsin offering independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing. Its natural setting,  faith-based mission and high-quality services afford seniors the opportunity to live a more purposeful, fulfilled life among family and friends.

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