Arcadia Residents Showcase Egguery Creations

Some of the many creations on display at Arcadia Retirement Residence in Honolulu.

What better way to get into the spring season than by showcasing the art form called “Egguery”!

Residents of Arcadia continue to impress people with their hobbies and skill sets, and egguery is the latest showcase of their diverse talents. On display in Arcadia’s lobby is an assortment of different decorated eggs, from ostrich, duck, goose, and rhea eggs.

Egg art has a fascinating origin. It is said that eggs possess the secret of life, symbolizing re-birth and are often associated with Easter, spring, dawn, and creation. In early times, eggs were decorated and used as gifts to celebrate the re-birth of life on earth. The original art of egguery began with master goldsmith Peter Carl Fabrege who was appointed Court Jeweller in 1885 by Czar Alexander III of Russia. Czar Alexander III commissioned Fabrege to design a special egg for his wife each year beginning in 1885 until his death in 1894. Real Fabrege eggs are made of porcelain and enamel embellished with real gold, diamonds, rubies, emerald, and other precious stones. There are a total of 54 original Fabrege Imperial Eggs existing today.

Today, Arcadia’s residents use real eggshells, cut them, and decorate them with rhinestones, pearls, lace, Italian prints, and any other appropriate material to enhance the design of the eggs. The exterior is painted with acrylic paint, sprayed with a pearlized mist, and a figurine is placed inside the eggs. The top of the egg is decorated, and finally, the egg is mounted onto an egg stand. Their creations are certainly a feast for the eyes!

Arcadia is a CHHSM-member ministry based in Honolulu, Hawaii. This article is reprinted from the Arcadia website.

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