Our 2017 Road Map

Michael J. Readinger

Michael J. Readinger

As the new year unfolds, people often sit down and write resolutions for improving themselves in the year ahead. Likewise, organizations use various forms of strategic planning to frame their work.

At the November 2016 CHHSM board meeting, our team of staff and volunteer leaders began crafting a strategic road map of the route we need to take to achieve organizational improvement and success. The process is still unfolding, but I am excited to share the direction we envision for 2017 and beyond.

We have identified six major strategic themes to enhance the membership experience and the impact of our members’ work on behalf of the church:

CHHSM is a nationally recognized leader in denomination-affiliated health and human services ministries;

CHHSM members are an interactive network of leaders who collaborate, innovate and develop programs noted for integrity, quality, compassion and social transformation;

CHHSM is trusted as the safe, inclusive place that hosts ecumenical, interfaith and global organizations and leaders who share a passion for transforming health and human services;

CHHSM is the resource of choice for UCC-affiliated organizations that would benefit from the leadership development and wide-ranging resources and collaboration CHHSM offers;

CHHSM is a collective that leverages the sum of its members, so that each member benefits from being part of one of the largest health and human service ministries in the U.S.;

CHHSM is the bridge between its members and the national church setting, transferring knowledge, capacity and resources, and using members’ skills to further the church’s mission.

We feel that these initiatives will keep us very busy for the next few years and we’re eager to see the impact of our action!

We will be assessing our work with a lens on what others see, hear and feel about the experience of being in relationship with CHHSM.

In the months ahead we commit to transforming ourselves and the membership experience so that no matter where you are on life’s journey, you will feel welcomed and know that your ministry is a vital part of the health and human service ministry of the United Church of Christ.

Connecting with the UCC in more profound ways will allow all of us to achieve a strong sense of missional accomplishment where we not only welcome, love and seek justice for all, but work for creation of a just, caring and compassionate world as well.

When we achieve that benchmark, we will have truly made an impact in this world, the church and on those we serve as we transform into a more sustainable body of ministry partners with a common set of goals, objectives and passion.

Peace and blessings to you all in 2017 and beyond!

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