Nollau Institute

Through retreats, site visits, online dialogue and peer mentoring, the program helps participants explore their vocation as leaders with the support of a community of practice.


Passport to Travel

Passport to Travel enhances the quality of seniors’ lives by allowing them to travel and experience the radical hospitality of CHHSM’s ministries while taking in all the sights of a new city.

Man walking on beach

Annual Meeting

At the Annual Meeting, members explore their missions and develop stronger relationships with each other and the church. Join us for our 80th meeting in St. Louis March 1-3, 2018.


Consulting Services

Partner with CHHSM staff or our trusted network of consultants for assistance with leadership formation, governance training, development, marketing, technology and more.

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Advocacy and Medicaid Talking Points

Two-thirds of seniors in nursing homes are covered by Medicaid and 39 percent of children have their healthcare coverage through Medicaid.  This is an essential resource for the most vulnerable in American society. The draft Health Care Bill released by the Senate today would begin to cut Medicaid services in 2021.  The time is now […]