Affinity Groups

Stephanie FranklinServant leaders listen with a genuine heart and mind, including everyone in their ministry's journey. They recognize and value everyone's contribution, both big and small, while guiding and encouraging them to be their personal best for the greater good of their ministry, community and humanity.

Stephanie Franklin
Teen Parent Service Network Program Director
UCAN, Chicago

CHHSM is unique to the degree that its members offer deep support to, with, and for one another, through collaborative learning, peer-to-peer gatherings, information and resource sharing, and the mutual exploration of best practices.

Genuine care for one another — both professionally and personally — is CHHSM’s hallmark. There exists a strong desire to help one another succeed.

Much of this relationship-building happens through established Affinity Groups, clusters of CHHSM-member executives and staff that commit to meeting together regularly.  Such groups are organized geographically and by the types of services provided.

Services Affinity Groups:

  • CHHSM Senior Services Collaborative
  • Child and Family Services
  • Authorized Ministers
  • Affordable Housing

Regional Affinity Groups:

  • Missouri Mid-South/Illinois South CHHSM
  • Wisconsin CHHSM
  • Ohio Benevolent Institutions
  • Chicago-Area CHHSM

For more information about CHHSM Affinity Groups, please contact us