Leadership Formation

Rev. Starsky WilsonA servant leader commits to hearing and taking seriously the words of Jesus and the cries of hurting people. This commitment drives a life of personal and professional development to ensure excellence advocating for others.

The Rev. Starsky D. Wilson
President and CEO, Deaconess Foundation, St. Louis, Mo.

CHHSM is known for its commitment to leadership formation, with an emphasis on cultivating and empowering servant leaders for health and human service ministry.

CHHSM strives to form servant leaders who are:

Relational:  Leaders covenant together to practice relational disciplines — meeting together, traveling together, learning together, praying for each other, mentoring and coaching.

Accountable: Leaders invest of themselves to grow as purveyors of quality, vision and impact.

Theological and Spiritual: Leaders continually discern the meaning of their work in the world.

Grounded: Leaders honor the tradition of courageous and inclusive health and human service ministry in the United Church of Christ.

CHHSM’s leadership development programs include:

The Nollau Institute, a vigorous year-long program focused on spiritual formation and preparation for leadership.

Nollau to You, a one-day program that brings the basics of servant leader development directly to you location.

Affinity Groups, which meet regularly for peer-to-peer sharing across CHHSM’s diverse network of service providers.