Frequently Asked Questions

CHHSM Store is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) available to all CHHSM Members in good standing offered in partnership with Care Purchasing Services (CPS). CPS is a subsidiary of Life Care Services, Inc. that is based out of Delray Beach, Fla. They currently provide GPO services to more than 700 institutions utilizing more than 120 vendors across the United States.

CHHSM Store is an optional program that is free to CHHSM members. In most cases you may participate in CHHSM Store concurrently with another GPO, although some individual vendors may restrict your ability to use their products and services within multiple programs. However, the more volume CHHSM members generate for CHHSM Store vendors, the lower our group pricing will be.

The list of vendors changes all the time but current offerings include almost every product and service your organization will need to conduct your business. Click here (link to products and services) to view a complete list of products and services. Some vendors (GE, Verizon, Home Depot & Sherwin Williams, Dell & many more) also pass their savings along to individuals, which provides your human resources department with a valuable employee benefit.

At your request, CHHSM and CPS will conduct a cost savings analysis (CSA) to help you decide if CHHSM Store is right for you. The analysis will include a direct comparison of products and services you already use, formulary programs for dietary and medical supplies as well as other business needs. Complete the store survey, send it to CPS with one month’s invoices and you will soon have your CSA.

The CSA is an apples-to-apples comparison of the products and services you already use (where applicable). CPS will work with you individually to establish formulary programs for dietary and medical supplies, as well as other supplies. On an ongoing basis, CPS will audit vendor invoices and establish benchmarks for price control.

CPS’s goal is customer service. Natalia Hernandez, customer service/business development specialist, is our CPS liaison. Natalia is available to assist you with any aspect of the CHHSM Store program. Each vendor is assigned to a CPS staff associate to provide you with efficient price quotes, ordering options, contract negotiations and problem resolution. Additionally, CPS will manage your manufacturer rebates for you as part of the program. They will file for and collect all qualifying rebate allowance dollars for your organization.

CPS’s flexibility in managing vendor contracts is a critical part of its customer service. You may elect to maintain your relationship with that vendor in your current program or convert to the CPS pricing. The cost savings analysis will inform you of the best choice for your ministry. CPS will not convert your existing vendor relationship without your consent (in the form of a “letter of designation”).

Natalia Hernandez from CPS will take you through the process step by step. If you elect to send a month of invoices, CPS will conduct a CSA. Once completed, Natalia will give you the results and consult with you accordingly.  Contracts between CPS and their vendors are established on an annual basis, and the pricing is not negotiable during the contract period. As such, Natalia will advise you whether you should switch to the CPS contract or remain with your current vendor contract.

Natalia may be reached at 800.543.3491 x47611, 561.894.7611 or by email at

For general questions or comments regarding the CHHSM Store, please contact us.