Deaconess-Zane Center

Deaconess-Zane Center
Service Provided:
UCC Conference: Ohio
Phone: 2164592870
Fax: 2164591415
Street Address: 3105 Devonshire Road
City: Cleveland
State: OH
ZIP Code: 44109
Our volunteer and in-kind donation wish list: Wall pockets to put on the wall outside of Residents door. All correspondence, such as notices, news letters, etc., can be put in wall pockets instead of under the door, helps those that have a hard time to bend over to pick up papers, or do not see papers on floors.
Sponsor/Host Holiday Parties for Residents, Summer Picnic
New common area furniture
Volunteers to help residents to clean apartments, help pack items or to even to just visit or take them out for lunch or breakfast, for those residents that don’t leave their apartment much and do not qualify to have home health care givers and no family.
Contact for Volunteer or In-Kind Donations:

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