Unleashing Potential Receives $15,000 Grant from Bayer Fund

Unleashing Potential, based in St. Louis, has received a grant for $15,000 from Bayer Fund, a philanthropic arm of Bayer in the United States. The grant will be used to provide access, improve proficiency and promote diversity in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Through Unleashing Potential’s STEM programming, more than 600 youth from economically disadvantaged communities in the St. Louis metropolitan area will explore key STEM concepts in its before- and after-school and summer enrichment programs.

“Inequities in STEM education start early,” said Darlene Sowell, president and CEO of Unleashing Potential. “This is particularly true in the communities of color where Unleashing Potential’s programs operate. This Bayer Fund grant will help us make an impact, by starting early with STEM evidence-based curricula that focuses on the youth’s strengths, including their curiosity about the world, to pose questions, predict outcomes and test ideas, and hopefully initiating an interest in future STEM careers.”

Thanks to Bayer Fund’s support in 2021 of $15,000, 614 children were able to conduct their own experiments in Quirkles Science curriculum, assemble robots in LEGO ROBOTC curriculum, and create their own video games through Bloxels Coding curriculum.

“My child has developed better work habits,” one parent reported. “Their interest in learning has increased, and their confidence in STEM and reading has increased.”

The 2022 Bayer Fund grant not only will provide support to Unleashing Potential, but also to the community it serves by allowing Unleashing Potential to provide STEM curricula to both elementary and middle school students. By instilling the belief that STEM is for everyone, and emphasizing the “4 C’s” (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creative Play), CHHSM member Unleashing Potential endeavors to increase student and family awareness and knowledge of STEM education and STEM career opportunities.

“Throughout the years, the grants given through Bayer Fund have helped strengthen our communities across the United States,” said Al Mitchell, President of Bayer Fund. “We’re proud to be able to provide support to develop programs like Unleashing Potential, which has been critical in inspiring future generations for careers in the high-demand STEM field.”

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