United Church Homes and Services Unveils New Brand Name and Identity: EveryAge

United Church Homes and Services (UCHS), based in Newton, N.C, announced Aug. 20 its new corporate identity, EveryAge. The new name and identity was revealed as part of the CHHSM member’s 50th anniversary celebration.

The new name, EveryAge, ties directly back to UCHS’ foundational belief that all ages matter, and that it is important to make the most out of life, regardless of age. EveryAge has continuing care retirement communities, affordable housing, and home and community-based services for older adults throughout North Carolina and Virginia.

The process of rebranding began in July 2020, says Lee Syria, president and CEO.

“At the onset of the process, we knew that we wanted the launch of the new brand to coincide with the 50th anniversary celebration of our ministry; hence, why it was announced on Aug. 20, 2021 — 50 years from the date that we opened our doors to the first five residents of our Abernethy Laurels community,” Syria said.

The unveiling took place during a 50th anniversary celebration that was livestreamed to all 12 EveryAge locations.

Ms. Mae Hicks watched the livestream celebration at EveryAge’s St. Joseph’s Place in Durham, N.C. Hicks, St. Joseph’s Place oldest and first resident, turned 100 in June.

“While we still define ourselves as a Christian ministry, EveryAge is more inclusive of the full community we serve,” Syria added. “We have always been committed to delivering care and compassion at every stage and age of live, not only to those we serve, but also to those we employ and others who support our ministry, such as family members of residents and volunteers. The new brand name, logo and colors all reflect the vibrancy of the services we offer and how we value life at every stage.”

Another motivating factor in the rebranding has been the COVID 19 pandemic. “This is a new age for senior living. The people we serve are changing, and the pandemic forced us to re-look at how to connect with people,” said Kim Kilday, chief marketing officer.  The new brand “allows us to stand out, to demonstrate innovation in how we see senior living evolving, and to align with the active and vibrant living that touches several different age groups.”

Future plans include increasing EveryAge’s online presence, where many older adults begin their research on older adult communities and services. “Taking these steps to engage people online helps us to reach people where they are at a time when THEY want information,” added Kilday.

President and CEO Lee Syria during the livestream.

Important throughout the rebranding process was the connection to EveryAge’s UCC roots, which is even symbolized in the new logo. “The updated logo is a nod in the direction of our Christian roots,” said Kilday. “The composition of the new logo connects to the story in the Bible about the five loaves and two fishes that fed 5,000 people. … Faith-based services act as a support to individuals and the arch supporting the logo represents the strength we experience through our ministry.”

“Without the forward thinking of several individuals in the Southern [Conference] UCC in 1961, these services would not exist. Their vision extends to the future — our faith-based Christian ministry is a core value that helps define us,” Kilday added.

EveryAge’s ministry received a boost recently when the State of North Carolina gave permission for the Carolina SeniorCare (PACE) program to expand into Eastern North Carolina, which will increase the number of people served. As Syria notes, it’s all about mission.

“While our name is changing, our mission and vision remain steadfast,” Syria said. “EveryAge is committed to enriching lives by providing the right services, at the right time, in the right setting. We are honoring our legacy while broadening the role we play in helping individuals live life to the fullest.”

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