Together through Mountains and Valleys

Jamar Doyle

Every valley shall be lifted up,
and every mountain and hill be made low. . . .
Then the glory of our God shall be revealed,
and all people shall see it together.
Isaiah 40:4-5

As we prepare for CHHSM’s 85th Annual Gathering in Denver this March, our theme, “Together through Mountains and Valleys,” invites us to reflect on how God has gone with us through the ups and downs of the past several years and now calls us to work together to prepare the way for others. Through these trying times, CHHSM ministries have been instruments of God’s work, and we are excited to see what new things God will do through our ministries in this new season of opportunity, promise, and hope.

But do we notice it? Can we see the opportunities and feel the hope this new year and new season brings despite the pain of the past that is still felt today? That is the challenge God presents to faith-based ministries, which are tasked with bringing God’s promise of healing and wholeness to suffering people in a suffering world. Responding to this challenge is at the heart of why we join together as CHHSM, a chance to step away briefly from the demands of our holy work to reconnect, learn, worship and celebrate all that God is doing through our ministries.

When we gather together this spring, we will share testimonies to God’s presence in our work and in the lives of those we serve. We will rediscover how much we need each other’s support and encouragement, allowing us to collectively see how God is working for us and through us. We will openly share our stories of both disappointment and hope, teaching each other what we have learned through these challenging years and rejoicing in how God continues to provide a way for our organizations to live into our missions. God has indeed brought us through the mountains and valleys. Now, let’s all come together in Denver March 7-9 and see the new things God is doing in the lives of our ministries.

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