Phoebe Berks

Phoebe Packs a Punch Against Parkinson’s

By CHHSM-Member Ministry Contribution | August 8, 2022

By Danielle Sanchez, Phoebe Messenger Intern. Published in the Phoebe Messenger, Spring/Summer 2022 issue; reprinted with permission. Residents of Phoebe Berks Village in Wernersville, Pa., are packing a punch against Parkinson’s, literally. Donning regulation gloves and letting out battle cries, they follow their enthusiastic instructor, Michelle Franks, as she takes them through an intense warm-up,…

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A Lifetime of Music: Retirement Doesn’t Mean Stopping for These Phoebe Residents

By CHHSM-Member Ministry Contribution | June 6, 2019

Music is a language that speaks to everyone in different ways; as we age, it becomes an integral part of our identities and forms of expression to ourselves and others. For some Phoebe residents of Phoebe Ministries, based in Allentown, Pa., music remains part of a daily pursuit of happiness and involvement in their community.…

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Writers at Large: Phoebe Ministries Residents Find Community through Written Word

By CHHSM-Member Ministry Contribution | June 11, 2018

When Ronnie Backenstoe sat down to write her autobiography, she said to herself, “What did I get myself into? I’ve never written a thing in my life!” Eight “good” chapters and more than 300 pages later, Backenstoe was ready to publish. “I got writing and I didn’t know when to stop!” she laughs. “The more…

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