Gun Violence

United Church of Christ’s Council for Health and Human Service Ministries Creates Gun Violence Advocacy Tool Kit

By Barb Powell | March 22, 2018

The UCC’s Council for Health and Human Service Ministries today (March 22) released an advocacy communique on the effects of gun violence. The communique, sent to CHHSM member ministers, includes a Gun Violence Advocacy Toolkit. “This Saturday, March 24, 2018, hundreds of thousands of people across the country are expected to take part in the…

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Pray and ACT: Gun Violence is a Public Health Emergency!

By CHHSM Staff | November 6, 2017

The Rev. Danielle K. Bartz, CHHSM’s associate for leadership and advocacy, has issued an action alert on behalf of CHHSM, calling on UCC members to pray and act following the the shooting Nov. 5 at First Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas. The alert asks church members to send a letter to their Congress person(s), asking…

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Youth voices lead the way on gun violence resolution

By Tiffany Vail | July 6, 2017

Guided in large part by the voices of youth, General Synod 2017 enthusiastically passed a resolution of witness Monday urging the recognition of gun violence as a public health emergency deserving of federal funding for scientific research. “The youth voted to speak on this issue because it is, like it or not, an issue that…

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UCC General Synod overwhelmingly passes CHHSM-sponsored resolution on gun violence

By Barb Powell | July 4, 2017

After 30 minutes of deliberation, delegates to the United Church of Christ’s 31st General Synod tonight (July 3) passed a Resolution of Witness calling for research into gun violence and declaring gun violence a public health emergency. The resolution, sponsored by the UCC’s Council for Health and Human Service Ministries, passed with a 97 percent…

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CHHSM brings resolution to Synod on recognizing gun violence as public health emergency

By Barb Powell | June 10, 2017

Recognizing the trauma caused by gun violence, the United Church of Christ’s Council for Health and Human Service Ministries is sponsoring a Resolution of Witness at this summer’s General Synod in Baltimore, Md., calling for a focus on the U.S. gun violence crisis. The resolution, which will be discussed and voted on by delegates meeting…

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