Seven Counties Services/Bellewood & Brooklawn Chief Community Officer Named 2023 Enterprising Woman by Louisville Business First

Photo of Reylene Robinson courtesy of Seven Counties

Reylene Robinson, Chief Community Officer as well as Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer at Louisville, Ky. based Seven Counties Services and Bellewood & Brooklawn was recently recognized by Louisville Business First as part of its 2023 Enterprising Women Award program, which recognizes honorees who contribute to their community with their leadership, entrepreneurship and volunteer efforts, among other qualities.

In nominating Robinson, Seven Counties Services acknowledged the success and impact of Robinson in driving growth behind the organization’s philanthropic success, expanding the impact of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion programming benefiting staff and the community, and the leading marketing and communications efforts that increased awareness and utilization of the services Seven Counties Services offer.

In addressing why Robinson should be recognized, Seven Counties Services stated, “Reylene Robinson is a Louisville businesswoman driven by her passion for improving the lives of individuals, children, and families. She is an ambassador of voice and equality for all regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, or sexual orientation. Reylene possesses a servant leadership style and puts the health, safety, and prosperity of the Louisville community before herself. She embraces the hope of a brighter future and has demonstrated her commitment to community service throughout her personal 25-year career journey. Her ability to lead an organization through substantial change philanthropically, civically, and operationally are unprecedent in the family health and human services industry. Reylene embodies true leadership regardless of race, gender, and background. She is an inspiration to her organization and the Louisville community, and an exemplary pillar of what a Louisville Business Women is capable of becoming.”

When reflecting on her success and advice she would offer women seeking to jump-start their careers, Robinson shared with Louisville Business First the importance of community.

“Your crew, whomever they may be, are critically important to personal and professional success,” Robinson said. “Crews create a safe space for honest feedback and the occasional ‘Girl, you got this!’ I would encourage every woman to find her crew. Find the crew that keeps you grounded. Find the group who keeps it real. Find the crew who tells you that you are wrong when you need to hear it. Find the crew who celebrates you. I would encourage women seeking to jump-start their careers to find your tribe, but also join the tribe of someone you believe in and care for. Your voice can be transformational for a colleague. Let’s raise each other up together in the spirit of empowerment!”

Robinson’s storied career certainly has chapters yet to come. When asked what’s left on her career bucket list, Robinson answered in a way that highlights her commitment to Seven Counties Services’ mission.

“I feel like I have some work left to do around reducing the stigma around behavioral health in our communities,” Robinson started. “Our community and state cannot thrive if we are not mentally well. Our communities are hurting. Our children are in a mental health crisis. Trauma is playing out in every corner of our community. One of my most recent career initiatives is around this goal. I don’t know what success in this area looks like, but I suppose I will know when it’s achieved!”

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