Residents of Lake Prince Woods Mobilize to Help Others

Resident Lynn Nelson with her award.

Lake Prince Woods in Suffolk, Va. — part of CHHSM-member United Church Homes and Services — is proud to recognize the volunteer work its residents do for the community. During the 2019-2020 fiscal year, 69 residents worked volunteer activities totaling 7,883 hours. Organizations the residents assisted include local churches, hospitals, and shelters.

In a typical year, the residents of Lake Prince Woods average more than 10,000 hours of volunteer work and community service. However, 2020 was far from typical as, due to COVID-19 regulations, many organizations limited volunteer activities — particularly in health care settings like hospitals and assisted living facilities. Even with the restrictions, the residents of Lake Prince Woods still found ways to give back show their gratitude.

“There is a strong sense of community at Lake Prince Woods and our sister locations that helps foster the generous spirit of our residents,” said Judy Raymond, executive director of Lake Prince Woods. “Many of our top volunteers are those who have a history of volunteering in their communities since they were young, and they help to inspire their fellow residents to give back as well.”

In 2019-2020, the residents of Lake Prince Woods spent their free time volunteering with such local groups as arts centers, hospitals, and animal shelters. Most hours were spent with local churches, genealogical societies, and Sentara Obici Hospital, Suffolk’s local, full-service hospital. Even the independent living residents of Lake Prince Woods got into the act, spending time with residents without other family members in Lake Prince Woods’ nursing and assisted living areas.

Lynn Nelson, a resident of Lake Prince Woods for more than seven years, recently was awarded WTKR-TV’s “People Taking Action Award” for her volunteering efforts. Nominated by her fellow residents, Nelson was the top volunteer for the 2019-2020 fiscal year, recording more than 800 hours of volunteer activity. “I’m honored to receive the People Taking Action Award,” said Nelson. “I share this award with all of my Lake Prince Woods friends and neighbors, the most loving and sharing group of people I know.”

Raymond expressed gratitude at the many ways residents help others right on campus. “Our residents take advantage of the variety of volunteer opportunities at Lake Prince Woods,” she said. “They will often volunteer at the Cape, our skilled nursing facility where patients stay while undergoing rehabilitation treatment. Lynn Nelson, the recipient of WTKR’s People Taking Action Award, can often be found visiting with residents at our local hospital and helping others get to doctors’ appointments.

“Volunteering allows you to connect and strengthen your community while also helping to better yourself as an individual.”

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