Ready … Set … Map a Better Future with GeoQuest!

One of the newest programs of Unleashing Potential in St. Louis is GeoQuest. The GeoQuest program expands access to education, hands-on learning, and skill training in geospatial technology for children in K-8 grades. As one of the fastest growing fields in information technology, geospatial science jobs are in high demand.

In today’s digital world, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills are essential and becoming increasingly specialized. Raising children to be technologically-savvy is a smart move! 

Geospatial education complements STEM learning and uses geospatial technology, like global positioning system (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS) to problem solve.

The “geo” in geospatial education refers to geography and mapping. Geography affects nearly every aspect of our lives –– from brushing our teeth, making a phone call, finding a doctor, turning on the lights, hopping on a school bus, driving, or sending a text.

Engaging learners in geospatial education allows them to see how location impacts daily life and the world around them. Location data can help solve some of the most pressing issues facing us locally and globally — inspiring our next generation of innovators to map a better future and create a safer, more productive world. 

The upside of GeoQuest is simple:

  • 100 percent of students learned about professions in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
  • 100 percent of students experienced a sense of belonging.
  • 93 percent of students demonstrated efficacy in technology.

Children can begin the GeoQuest program as early as Kindergarten.

Exploring the world as GeoAdventurers, children in grades K-5 learn about the earth’s terrain, space, and waterways. In the GPS: Geo Power Squad, youth in grades 6-8 move beyond basic exploration and discover how to harness geospatial technology for good.

Through a curriculum developed and taught by Unleashing Potential technologists, GeoQuest scholars tackle real-world projects and hone critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills in an encouraging and nurturing environment. Programs take place at locations in St. Louis City and County and provide educational support to prepare learners to succeed at home, school, in our community, and beyond.

GeoQuest empowers children and youth to learn about, critically analyze, and use the skills necessary skills for future success.

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