New CHHSM Store Vendors Provide Services for Older Adult Communities

Older adults face many obstacles in transitioning to communities of care. One is the actual moving process; another is remaining engaged in meaningful conversations and activities once relocated. Two innovative programs available through the CHHSM Store can help CHHSM members ease those transitions for residents.

CHHSM Store is a group purchasing plan for CHHSM members, run in partnership with Care Purchasing Services (CPS). CPS is a national buying alliance and procurement organization that negotiates contracts for goods and services for its members. CPS’ national buying volume allows them to negotiate aggressive rates and service programs from hundreds of vendor partners, access additional resources, and provide professional expertise.

Many CHHSM members already have benefited from CHHSM Store pricing. In the first 9 months of 2019, 65 CHHSM communities — plus the national CHHSM offices —  saved an estimated $47,500. The plan also includes discounts for employees of CHHSM agencies.

“CHHSM Store is an excellent way for CHHSM members to easily practice stewardship of resources,” says Michael J. Readinger, CHHSM president and CEO. “We are happy to be able to provide the service to our members.”

Two of CPS’ newest programs — Moving Station and Eversound — were introduced specifically with older adult communities in mind. Moving Station offers real estate and relocations services to older adult communities with a discount to CHHSM members; Eversound is a simple and affordable way to enhance the interactions of older adults with hearing loss, available as a monthly membership service.

“Both vendor programs have the capacity to help senior living communities in providing residents with a higher level of service,” says Natalia Hernandez, CPS client account manager. “By implementing Moving Station, communities are helping prospect residents with their transition, and that says a lot about the community and their team. Moving Station allows the community to take care of residents even before they are part of the older adult community.”

Eversound provides headphones and microphones that can be used in place of or in addition to hearing aids to eliminate background noise and increase participation of older adults in their community’s activities.

“Eversound also helps residents become more active within the community,” Hernandez says. “I’ve seen how this program completely changes residents, and there is nothing more satisfying than that. It allows residents to be active and involved with other residents, families, staff, and caregivers.”

United Church HomesCHHSM member United Church Homes learned about Eversound at a LeadingAge conference and already has the system in place in nine of its older adult communities. UCH first conducted trials at its Trinity Community of Beavercreek (Ohio) and Fairhaven Community in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Trinity tested the system during such activities as bingo, movie nights, and one-on-one conversations. Fairhaven tested the system during chapel services, hymn singing, and games.

At Trinity, one resident with long-term hearing loss saw immediate improvement. Over many years, the resident’s son had tried a variety of solutions to help his mother communicate, but nothing worked. Once she tried the Eversound headphone and microphone, she was able to interact with others.

United Church Homes uses Eversound in conjunction with meetings, arts and music programs, and various dementia education programs. At Parkvue Community in Sandusky, Eversound helps residents more actively participate in Cleveland’s University Circle programs, which connect older adults to the exhibits and presentations from many of Cleveland’s world class museums through videoconferencing.

“The residents can hear much more clearly,” says Amy DiFilippo, director of activities for Parkvue. “Not only is their hearing improved, but the headphones cut out much of the background noise.”

DiFilippo says that Eversound also proves beneficial during resident council meetings. “The acoustics in the room are not the best, and there can be background equipment running,” she says. “This system cuts out all that noise so the residents can hear and understand the conversation happening, and can then participate more fully. This is just one more way Parkvue and United Church Homes are creating abundant life in community.”

In addition to its latest offerings, CHHSM Store has vendors for everything from office supplies and large equipment purchases to interior design renovations. Hernandez says that she is always eager to find competitive vendor pricing for CHHSM members. CHHSM members can count on CPS’s vendor account management team, she adds.

“We are subject matter experts available to help members with issue resolution, vendor implementation, and purchasing inquiries,” Hernandez says. “Our members receive ongoing support from our team of experts, allowing CHHSM communities to be focused on what matters most: their clients and residents.”

Learn more about the CHHSM Store.

Contact Natalia Hernandez, CHHSM’s client account manager, 561.894.7611.

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