Learn About the Benefits of the CHHSM Store in Oct. 20 Webinar

CHHSM members are invited to attend a special webinar geared to helping them save money on a variety of goods and services. CHHSM Store 101, a free webinar, takes place Wednesday, Oct. 20, at 2 p.m. ET via Microsoft Teams.

Hosted by Natalia Hernandez, CHHSM’s client account manager at Care Purchasing Services (CSP), the 101 webinar will introduce attendees to the many products and services available to CHHSM members. CPS is the group purchasing agent behind the CHHSM Store.

“The programs and services offered through the CHHSM Store are all offered at nationally contracted prices designed to save money for our members,” said Michael J. Readinger, CHHSM president and CEO. “Many times, you will have the same vendors you have used to deliver services. The webinar also will offer current users a reminder of how the CHHSM Store works and what programs and services are available.”

The CHHSM Store currently has more than 200 vendor programs available for CHHSM members, and CPS consistently adds new vendors. CPS vendors cover a variety of services and categories, including medical, culinary, administrative, clinical, and janitorial; plant operations, capital, renovations, and new construction; environmental services; and technology, among others.

“The team at CPS works as an extension of your organization. Our subject matter experts are available to help with any issues and answer any questions,” said Hernandez. “There is a lot of information out there, and our team works tirelessly to provide the latest products and services to our members. We take pride in helping organizations around the country so that they can focus on their goals, initiatives, and communities.”

To help CHHSM members decide if CHHSM Store is right for you, CPS offers a free cost savings analysis. The CSA is an apples-to-apples comparison of the products and services you already use (where applicable). CPS will work with each CHHSM member individually to establish formulary programs for dietary and medical supplies, as well as other supplies. On an ongoing basis, CPS will audit vendor invoices and establish benchmarks for price control. To obtain a cost savings analysis, members complete the store survey and send it to CPS with one month’s invoices.

In addition to providing services and products for CHHSM members, many discounted services and products also are available to employees’ family members. CPS also will manage your manufacturer rebates for you as part of the program. They will file for and collect all qualifying rebate allowance dollars for CHHSM member organizations.

“Since 2006, hundreds of CHHSM member organizations have participated in the CHHSM Store and have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the pricing and contracts CPS offers,” added Readinger. “Almost everything you already purchase for your ministry is available in this program.”

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