Emmaus Launches Advocacy Think Tank

The Advocacy Think Tank launched this month. | Emmaus Homes graphic.

On June 18, Emmaus Homes in St. Louis launched the Emmaus Advocacy Think Tank. This is a group of internal staff, clients, and more, as well as self-advocates and professionals from other organizations. The goal is to create a working group that serves as a brain trust to dream big for the future of advocacy at Emmaus. 

Another way to put it is this: it will be a group of people with a passion for advocacy and Emmaus clients who can help us make Missouri a more inclusive and accepting state. The group will focus on the next two-to-three years and ways Emmaus can grow its impact, and perhaps expand the scope of advocacy work it can accomplish. Updates and way to become involved will be posted regularly on Emmaus’s E-Advocates blog.

For the foreseeable future, Emmaus will continue its Missouri legislative advocacy efforts to improve Medicaid funding so that Emmaus clients receive the best care possible. This means Direct Service Provider wages must continue to increase, too. However, there are many issues that impact adults with developmental disabilities, whether Emmaus serves them or not. Regional transportation often comes up as a major hurdle for these Missourians.  

Whether or not you are directly involved in the Think Tank, Emmaus welcomes ideas, comments, and questions.

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