Cornerstone Fund’s ‘CHHSM Builder Bonus’ Program Benefits Investors, UCC Ministries

Investors can earn a bonus rate of return with the United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund’s “CHHSM Builder Bonus” program, including a 10 percent contribution to the UCC-related ministry of your choice.

It works this way:

  • Invest a minimum of $25,000 in a five-year Cornerstone Fund investment.
  • Give back 10 percent of your investment to any UCC organization.
  • Enjoy a rate bonus on the balance of your investment for the entire five-year term.
  • Promote the CHHSM Builder Bonus to your donors, who enjoy the same bonus rate and can designate your institution to receive their 10 percent gift.
  • Use the CHHSM Builder Bonus to strengthen capital campaign giving from individual seeking more from their fixed-income investments.

The Cornerstone Fund’s mission is to strengthen ministries of the United Church of Christ by offering real estate-secured loans that help churches repair, renovate, and expand their facilities, improve accessibility, refinance real estate debt, and more.  The loans are funded with investments from churches, organizations, and individuals throughout the denomination.

“This is truly an all-around win-win-win opportunity,” says Michael J. Readinger, CHHSM president and CEO. “It’s a win for the investor, it’s a win for the UCC ministry that receives your 10 percent designated gift, and it’s a win for UCC local churches that greatly benefit from the mission of the Cornerstone Fund.”

Read more about the CHHSM Builder Bonus, or contact the Cornerstone Fund at 1-888-822-3863.

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