Cornerstone Community Housing is About Perseverance: One Day at a Time

Charles’ perseverance is paying off at Earl’s Place.

By Sheila Helgerson executive director

The 2024 theme for Cornerstone Community Housing in Baltimore “Perseverance,” and Cornerstone is living it every day at its Earl’s Place and Prospect Place locations.

In December, two older men entered Earl’s Place. They brought stories filled with challenges, but they were employed and had clear plans for the future. However, by January 2, both had relapsed and left our program. Luckily, they have returned to treatment. Perseverance.

Life has its twists, but this month, two others found permanent housing. Robert, who applied last May, faced shifting move-in dates. But through sheer perseverance, he stuck with it. Despite the frustrations, everything fell into place for Robert.

Then there’s Charles, who has been steadily working towards his goals. He not only secured housing, but also reunited with his daughter and grandchildren. Charles is thriving in a job he loves at a treatment program.

Earl’s Place works, but like any program, we face challenges. Though we have more successes than not, it’s disheartening when someone doesn’t succeed. We appreciate the support we receive — it keeps us going.

Success: Luke’s Legacy of Transformation and Triumph

Luke is proud of his home, purchased in 2010.

Luke lived at Earl’s Place from January 21, 2005, until February 2, 2007. He started to turn his life around when he saw himself in a window and realized the “bum he was looking at” was himself.  

He obtained employment and, through Baltimore’s Live Near Your Work program, he purchased his home in 2010.

After he signed the papers, he called me and said, “Now you will know where to find me for the next 30 years.”

Luke was one of the speakers at the 2023 Opening Doors Dinner, CCH’s annual fundraiser and night of celebration. He shared that although he has had some challenges, he continues to move forward positively and productively.

And yes, I know where to find him. 

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