CHHSM’s Deaconess Foundation Responds to Missouri HJR 117

Bethany Johnson-Javois

Deaconess Foundation‘s President and CEO Bethany Johnson-Javois issued the following statement in response to the Missouri House of Representatives’ passage of HJR 117, which would strip health care coverage from tens of thousands of Missourians:

“Deaconess Foundation stands in support of expanded health care access for the People of Missouri. As an institutional advocate that has championed the ballot initiative that led to Medicaid expansion, Deaconess is disappointed that the Missouri House of Representatives voted to strip health care access from their own constituents. The People of Missouri voted for Medicaid expansion and prevailed in the following litigation brought before The Missouri Supreme Court. To strip funding for implementation now is to undermine democracy and send a reverberating message to the People that their voices and dignity to thrive do not matter. Every Missourian has the right to quality, accessible health care and health care coverage. We urge the Missouri Senate to stop the House’s Resolution in its tracks and demonstrate their commitment to moving forward and ensuring their constituents have access to the health care they need.”

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