CHHSM Store’s Care Purchasing Services Releases Coronavirus Update

Care Purchasing Services (CPS), the group purchasing agent of the CHHSM Store, is providing updates during the COVID-19 outbreak as they are received from distribution partners who provide supplies identified to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and as provided with the items listed below. Inventories have and will continue to be fluid. CPS’ distributor partners are providing CPS regular updates as they relates to inventory changes (PPE/cleaning/disinfectants) and other supplies impacted as a result of the manufacturing shutdowns in China.

March 20, 2020 Update

Much of the inventory continues “On Allocation” status, meaning there are daily shipments of supplies that orders can only be fulfilled based on customer historical purchasing, and only if you’re a current customer, and most allocated stock has started to deplete.

CPS Supply Updates

  • National Strategic Stockpile of PPE. The government is working to disseminate personal protective equipment supplies to local department of health/emergency management offices. Contact your local office to obtain the necessary supply forms and directions for obtaining supplies being disseminated through this resource.
  • Sherwin Williams may be a resource to access personal protective equipment. The supply is limited and can vary by location. Please contact your local Sherwin Williams store if you are in need of these products. This is not a resource for large orders, so please limit your orders to what you need and not over order. The information is attached.
  • Telehealth services. These services are in high demand right now and help with distancing effort while providing necessary resident care. CPS worked with ThirdEye to reduce rates during this time of emergency crisis to help with this important need.
  • GE Appliances will be temporarily shutting down their US manufacturing plants for at least 3 weeks, possibly longer. If you have a need for appliances in the next few weeks, order now. While GE Apps has increased production in anticipation of this shut down and has current stock of most models, we expect the current stock to be diminished within a few days once the news is released. Communities should reach out to David Goldberg, Donald Pederson or Andy Brown to place these orders as soon as you can, to ensure these appliances are available.

CPS highly recommends you work directly with your local vendor representatives instead of going on websites or calling vendor general phone numbers to source products.Your local reps will have the most up to date information on product availability for your community. If you do not know your local vendor representative’s contact information, please contact your Care Purchasing representative and we will supply that information.

Updated List of Infection Prevention Supplies

  • N95 respirators – Very limited supplies for COVID-19 infected buildings through Medline. All others out of stock.
  • Surgical masks – On Allocation with select vendors, most vendors out of stock
  • Disposable face shields – McKesson – out of stock, Medline – On Allocation
  • Goggles – On Allocation
  • Nitrile gloves (all sizes) – On Allocation
  • Disposable coveralls and gowns – Very limited and On Allocation with options to source cloth gowns
  • Cleaning supplies and disinfectants (make sure that the disinfectants are EPA registered) – Potential to go on Allocation due to recent surge in purchasing
  • Hand sanitizers – Very limited and On Allocation (Stand dispensers continue to be backordered through May due to plant closures in China however wall mount dispensers are on allocation)
  • Forehead or touch free thermometer – Very limited and On Allocation through Medline and Direct Supply
  • Biohazard bags – Available through most distributors, McKesson is on back order.

CDC and CMS reference information

For assistance on any supplies or other needs, or if you have questions, contact the CHHSM Store’s client account manager, Natalia Hernandez, at 561.894.7611.

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