CHHSM Store Partner Brings Perks to Employees of CHHSM Members, too

Many CHHSM members know that services provided by the CHHSM Store can bring innovative, responsive business services and purchases with competitive pricing to them. But a lesser known perk — and perhaps just as important — is the savings employees of CHHSM members can gain via the program.

CHHSM Store partners with Care Purchasing Services (CPS) based in Delray Beach, Fla., a national buying alliance and procurement organization. CPS’ volume purchasing allows it to negotiate contracts for goods and services from more than 300 vendors across the country. CHHSM members have automatic, free access to these services. But CPS also offers CPS Savings, a special discount program for employees and their families.

“CPS understands that a great deal of the success in any organization — especially CHHSM members — is due to the employees,” says  Michael J. Readinger, CHHSM president and CEO. “That’s why they offer the CPS Savings. The program allows our members just one more way to thank their employees for their hard work.”

As part of the CPS Savings program, employees can access discounts on anything from flowers to furniture. “It is a vital part of our business to recognize the value employees bring,” says Natalia Hernandez, CHHSM’s client account manager. “We want to provide our members and their employees quality products with exclusive discounts.”

Those discounts include pricing on office supplies, car rentals, cell phone plans, home improvement purchases, and home furnishings. The companies that currently offer discounts include ProFlowers, Shari’s Berries, Office Depot, several rental car companies, Shaw Floors, Sherwin-Williams, General Electric home appliances, and Freedom Outdoor Furniture, among others.

“CPS Savings can be shared with employees in a variety of ways, including during new staff orientation, as information inserts in paychecks, or through employee newsletters,” says Readinger. “The program can help HR departments and management teams retain their employees. So not only does the CHHSM Store help member organizations, it helps the many people who work for them.”

The CHHSM Store and its CPS Savings program for employees constantly add new vendors, Hernandez says. “We continue to add resources and savings for your employees. These programs are a great way to show your appreciation and gratitude for their hard work and constant dedication.”

CHHSM members can access CPS’ current list of CPS Savings program vendors and contact information to share with their employees.

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