CHHSM Store Means Added Value in Vendor Selection for CHHSM Members

At UCC-related Carmel Valley Manor, a CHHSM ministry in Carmel, Calif., one of the many items on Brian Rasmussen’s plate is appliances. As director of capital planning, he always has a watchful eye on expenses in order to make sure the community’s residents have access to the best amenities possible. The CHHSM Store helps him accomplish that task.

With the CHHSM Store — a group purchasing organization (GPO) that helps member ministries buy supplies, food, equipment services for better prices than they could get on their own — Rasmussen has mostly dealt with GE appliances, he says.

“The bottom line is we were able to purchase the exact same appliances at a significant cost savings over the prior vendor we were using,” Rasmussen says. “On a typical package we supply of a refrigerator, dishwasher, range and microwave, we are saving around $800 per unit.”

The CHHSM Store partners with Care Purchasing Services (CPS) in Delray Beach, Fla., which in turn connects members with more than 300 vendors across the country. The arrangement has been in place since 2006. CPS specializes in serving organizations like CHHSM member ministries. Its core values include Corporate Social Responsibility.

The best part of the arrangement, says Michael J. Readinger, CHHSM president and CEO, is that all CHHSM members have automatic access.

“Most GPOs have membership fees, or require that you purchase a certain percentage of what you buy from their vendors,” Readinger says. “The CHHSM Store has neither requirement. And except for certain commodities, what a CHHSM member ministry pays for an item or service typically will not change over the course of a year.”

Natalia Hernandez is the CPS account manager for the CHHSM Store. For her, it’s the relationship with each CHHSM ministry that is most important.

“We want to build trust between CHHSM, CHHSM members, and CPS,” she says.

One of the unique features Hernandez can offer is a cost-savings analysis.

“We want our members to save. We’ll provide a free cost-savings analysis that will determine if you are paying the right prices,” Hernandez adds. “If you are, then you should continue with your current system. If your costs are too high, then we can offer pricing to reduce those costs.”

Karen Jackson, controller for Brewster Place, a CHHSM ministry in Topeka, Kan., says she appreciates the service and the pricing.

“Natalia Hernandez offered to do a cost analysis of our vendor pricing, compared to CPS pricing, and showed some savings on certain vendors,” Jackson says. “So far, we have switched two vendors to CPS and are able to access better pricing than the previous GPO we used.”

Another advantage to the CHHSM Store is that CHHSM members receive timely updates on the latest programs and services.

“Because we’re building relationships, we can update members quickly when there’s a new program,” says Catherine Kane, CHHSM’s associate for business operations. “For example, CPS just announced a Disaster Recovery Plan available to all CHHSM members and UCC churches, which was sent out to members last week, just as hurricane season set in.”

Adds Hernandez, “CPS continuously looks for new products and services to meet your ever-changing and evolving needs. We’re profoundly optimistic about how much can be accomplished when people come together to do extraordinary things.”

Contact Natalia Hernandez for a cost analysis at 800.543.3491, x47611, 561.894.7611, or by email.

Learn more about the advantages of the CHHSM Store.


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