CHHSM Store and CPS Adds Vendors to Increase Savings for Members

Among the many services offered by CHHSM to its members is the CHHSM Store, which provides innovative, responsive business services that offer competitive pricing as well as sustainable vendor relationships developed in the spirit of our common UCC values. CHHSM Store is a group purchasing organization (GPO) that helps CHHSM members control the costs of business supplies, equipment and services.

The CHHSM Store is a partnership with Care Purchasing Services (CPS), a national buying alliance and procurement organization who negotiates contracts for goods and services for over 1,400 members. The CPS national buying volume allows them to negotiate aggressive rates, access additional resources and provide professional expertise. CPS has secured national pricing and service programs with hundreds of vendor partners. Its list is constantly expanding. For specific inquiries, contact the CHHSM Store CPS representative, Natalia Hernandez.

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