CHHSM Partners Provide Benefits, Resources

Samaritan Bethany started using Pension Boards UCC for its health care needs thanks to the suggestion of its chaplain. Many of the Rochester, Minnesota, senior living organization’s 430 employees were choosing to go without insurance and skip trips to the doctor due to rising insurance costs.

Pension Boards administers comprehensive employee benefits including life insurance, health care and investment opportunities to CHHSM members and other UCC-related organizations.

“The insurance had much lower deductibles and had options for our employees to choose from,” says Samaritan Bethany Mission Leader and CEO Sue Knutson. “Customer service has been great. I have appreciated that the change over has been easy. We have a great opportunity to offer quality affordable insurance. It’s been wonderful!”

Dave Klassen, chief investment officer for Pension Boards, says the organization looks for positive investments through an environmental, social and governance lens.

“We deeply care about the ways we are providing financial services on behalf of members and participants,” Klassen says. “We are operating at the intersection of faith and finance. That means we care both about generating financial return and the ways we achieve those returns. This hold us to high standards and we welcome the challenge of double bottom line investing: doing well and doing good.”

Pension Boards isn’t the only organization that CHHSM works with to bring members valuable resources and benefits.

Click on the infographic above to learn more about other CHHSM partners including United Church Funds, Cornerstone Fund and United Church of Christ Church Building and Loan Fund.

For more information about how CHHSM can help members become better stewards of their missions, please contact us.

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