CHHSM Narrows Search for CEO

Contributed by the Rev. Kenneth Daniel, president and CEO, United Church Homes

The CHHSM CEO search committee narrowed its focus to a select group of seven highly qualified candidates. All seven were interviewed during a two-day meeting held Aug. 19-20. The candidates represented a diverse cross-section of the UCC including race, gender and sexual orientation. Both lay and ordained people were interviewed. Some candidates had strong denominational or secular association experience. Others had experience serving in CHHSM member or UCC national ministries.  From this group, the committee has invited three candidates for a final interview to be held at the end of September.

It is the committee’s hope that it will discern the final candidate who will be the right fit as the next CEO for presentation to the board for election. The Rev. Ken Daniel, committee chair and CEO of United Church Homes, expressed his gratitude to the committee members for devoting a significant amount of time to this important process.

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