Blessings Abound During Health and Rehab Center Dedication Held at UCC-related Abernethy Laurels

The Rev. Don Flick, retired pastor of Peace UCC, speaks at the dedication ceremony.

Abernethy Laurels, an older adult community in Newton, N.C., recently held a dedication ceremony for its new Health and Rehabilitation Center, marketed as North and South Manor. Area clergy, team members, community leaders, residents and their families participated in the service to bless the buildings and the many hands of healthcare providers who will deliver care and healing within the buildings.

The new Health and Rehabilitation Center replaces the former center built in the early 1970s under the medical model that guided the development of long-term care at that time. Today’s person-centered approach to long-term care shapes the environment, organizational structure and interpersonal relationships with residents, allowing for focus on resident care, empowerment, privacy and lifestyle choices.

“It is a true blessing and honor to officially open these new state-of-the-art buildings that will serve older adults in our community for years to come,” said Amber McIntosh, executive director of Abernethy Laurels. “We are thankful for the prayers and support that allowed a vision to become reality.”

The design of the new buildings include 98 private rooms and 38 companion suites, serving a total of 174 residents. North Manor is currently designed to house short stay or transitional rehabilitation patients and those in need of memory support. Those residents needing a long term stay are located in both North and South Manor.

North and South Manors embrace their own design aesthetic. Interior finishes, textures and colors were developed to accentuate a residential character and feel while still complementing the interior and exterior architecture. All furniture and fabrics were selected to create a custom residential look while still maintaining the appropriateness for older adults in a healthcare environment. Each area has a different design pallet so that each is differentiated as a unique space while still maintaining continuity throughout the entire building. The interior space was designed to promote the health and well-being of the residents by encouraging mobility and social interaction. The building finishes, lighting, furnishings, artwork and decorative accessories work together to create a welcoming, inviting and comfortable environment for all who visit.

Abernethy Laurels is part of CHHSM member United Church Homes and Services.

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