Back Bay Mission Builds New Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a vital step for low-income families trying to work their way out of poverty. For many families in America, it’s a step that’s out of reach.

A family’s housing is affordable when it costs no more than thirty percent of the family’s income. That means that for a family of three with one person making minimum wage, an affordable apartment costs no more than $377 per month. Even a zero-bedroom apartment – like an efficiency or a studio – in Harrison County, Mississippi, averages about $650 per month. A one bedroom apartment averages about $675; a two bedroom apartment averages more than $800!

Back Bay Mission is partnering with Gulf Coast Housing Initiative – a daughter organization– to address this problem by building an affordable 1,300 square-foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bath family home. This will be a great addition to affordable housing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Click here to view the latest progress on construction.

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